where to buy healing crystals

Welcome to the wonderful world of healing crystals! If you are reading this article, it probably means that you have done a bit of research about these astonishing crystals and their healing powers and you want to purchase one. If not, we highly recommend that you read more about healing crystals so you can fully understand their potential and how they can enhance your qualities, protect you and help you get rid of potentially dangerous conditions.

To put it in a nutshell and to make sure that we are all on the same page, healing crystals are beautiful minerals that have energy healing properties. There is quite a wide variety of healing crystals out there, and each one is recommended for a different purpose.

Before you search for a place to purchase them, you should identify what type of crystal will help your situation the best. After that, you are ready to start shopping for these amazing spiritual enhancers. So… where to buy healing crystals?

There are a few options, depending on your current situation. One of the most popular methods of finding where to buy healing crystals is searching for them online. There are a few very reliable market places with verified vendors that can offer you the crystals you need to fix your problems.

If you are not the one to shop online, you can look for shops that sell healing crystals located in your area. In our list of “Where to Buy Healing Crystals” we will be presenting a few trustworthy sources for shopping for healing crystals online, as well as a couple of shops in large cities that you can visit today if you live in the area.

If your city is not on our list and you are interested in shopping for crystals locally, drop as a line and we will see what we can do to help you.

where to buy healing crystals

1. Amazon

We will be starting off our list with online sources and then continuing to shops you can visit. The first and certainly most well-known source is, of course, Amazon. Before starting to purchase crystals, you might want to check out the #1 Best Seller regarding healing crystals on Amazon: The Crystal Bible, written by Judy Hall.  Other high rated items on Amazon are pendants, especially in the form of amethyst.

These healing crystals are even greater because they can be worn around your neck to protect you throughout the day. One of the most popular healing crystals are definitely rose quartz, owing to their love-related energy. A particularly beloved piece is a puff heart rose quartz, which is reputed for opening energy from the heart chakra to the other chakras.

Link: www.amazon.com

2. EBay

The second most popular online marketplace for healing crystals is EBay. The most popular items sold on EBay are pendants with various healing crystals, which are also lovely from an aesthetic point of view. The most sought after type of healing crystal is quartz, in different varieties, such as clear or rose, many of them imported from Hong Kong or China.

The second most popular item is fluorite, which is – generally speaking – the second most popular crystal after quartz, thanks to its availability and healing properties. In addition to this, you can find a wide range of crystal wands to carry out energetic healing processes.

Link: www.ebay.com

3. Ali Baba

If you are not in a rush for your healing crystal to arrive and you want to save some extra money, you can choose to purchase yours from Ali Baba (somewhat the Chinese version of EBay). One of the main advantages about Ali Baba is that you can purchase multiple products (engross) and get great price deals for them.

Another advantage is that many vendors offer free shipping for larger quantities, so make sure you check it out if you have a bit more time on hand and you want to get a great deal.

Link: www.alibaba.com

where to buy healing crystals

4. Rock Star Crystals (New York)

As far as physical stores are concerned, one of the best known ones in the United States is the Rock Star Crystals shop in New York. The store enjoys fantastic reviews from its visitors and offers an exceptional variety of crystals for healers and hobbyists alike.

Many customers describe the rock shop as a candy store for healing crystal enthusiasts, with an excellent range of diverse products for all purposes. You can find the shop in mid-town Manhattan and enjoy their low prices, thanks to the fact that they are direct importers of all the crystals they sell.

Link: www.rockstarcrystalsmanhattan.com

5. Spellbound Sky (Los Angeles)

If you are on the other side of the States, you have to check out Spellbound Sky. Located in Los Angeles, California, Spellbound Sky has a beautiful philosophy for their business: “where the individual meets the metaphysical”. Customers praise the shop for having the best prices in town and an impressive selection of stones and crystals.

The staff is reputed to be quite friendly and willing to share knowledge with potential customers in order to solve their problems by offering the ideal healing crystals. An added bonus is that the crystals sold by Spellbound come with neat information cards so you can understand their properties. What sets them apart from many other shops of this kind is that they emphasize the educational process of crystal healing as well.

Link: www.spellboundsky.com

6. On the Rocks (Chicago)

If you reside in the Windy City, you should visit the local crystal shop creatively entitled On the Rocks. Like Spellbound Sky in Los Angeles, the individuals who operate On the Rocks are keen on teaching customers the basics about crystal healing and the stones that they work with.

One user claims “I’ve learned a lot about gems, crystals and their healing properties just from the staff alone”, whereas another appreciated the general vibe and lack of pressure: “The shop had great energy, I spent nearly an hour poking around and holding every stone in the place and didn’t feel rushed or like I was in the way”. It’s great to see how a local store can make crystal healers feel just as if they were at home.

Photo credits: Sevencrystals.com.au , Yourradiantself.com, Cauldronsandcupcakes.wordpress.com.