Zebra Jasper is a beautiful and bold stone from India. Its unique striped pattern makes any jewelry design into a bold piece. Its rich history and healing properties makes zebra jasper a truly interesting gem stone.

History of Zebra Jasper

zebra jasper

Jasper can be traced back throughout the years of history into ancient civilizations, such as Arabia and India. Zebra Jasper is a unique form of jasper marble and features black and white stripes. Commonly called brown jasper, many ancient civilizations praised this rock for its calming and healing properties.

In fact, it was commonly worn by ancient tribal priests as a form of protection. They believed that it protected them by keeping away negativity and promoted calming and rational thinking. With such a rich history of healing, it is easy to see why zebra jasper continues to be held in such high regard in the crystal and gemstone community. It has also been mentioned in the historical records of Greek and Hebrew civilizations.

Properties of Zebra Jasper

Zebra jasper is made up of metamorphic rock, which is the stage of when rock turns into magma. The high heat and pressure helps create this unique stone. Its composition is mainly calcium carbonate and silicon dioxide, which is close to the same composition as marble. It is commonly found and is an extremely hard and durable stone.

Different grades of the stone produce different appearances. The lower grades are less opaque and present more brown tones. The higher grades are considered higher quality. The higher grades produce bolder black and white striped pattern. There may also be some brown tones present.

Its unique pattern and striping is made up from a combination of organic materials and mineral oxides. Belonging to the hexagonal crystal system, this trigonal crystal’s chemical composition is Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). This specific type of gem stone is basically brown jasper with banding that appears black and white.

When mined, it is a dull stone, so it is commonly tumbled and polished to make its appearance even more breathtaking.

Metaphysical Details About Zebra Jasper

zebra jasper polished sphere

As an vital stone to ancient civilizations, these metaphysical details are still held. Beside protecting from negative energy, zebra jasper is also believed to help calm and focus your mind. It can provide grounding and balance to those that possess it. With its calming properties, it is believe to activate the root chakra. Many gem users recommend sleeping with this gem stone under your pillow or wearing a piece around your neck to get the full effects of zebra jasper.

Many also believe in the healing powers of this gem stone. It has been touted as beneficial in alleviating muscle spasms and promoting bone, teeth and skin health. Some even say that it can help with kidney and bladder issues. In almost every culture at one point in its history, this gem stone has been touted for its healing powers and metaphysical details. Some culture even believe that all forms of jasper were gifts from God.

Famous Jewelry Containing Zebra Jasper

To the untrained eye, it is easy to mistake some types of zebra jasper for tiger’s eye or tiger iron. There is not a famous piece of jewelry that contains this gem stone. This is because it was commonly used as a healing tool. Priests would carry this gem stone around for protection. While it has a very storied history, there are not many pieces of historic or famous jewelry known.

However, jasper is a great gem stone for mainstream jewelry design. It is durable and tough and can stand daily wear. After being polished and tumbled, this stone can offer the perfect amount of shine to a jewelry design. It is extremely versatile because it can be found in various shapes and tones, making it a hit in the jewelry design world.

After it is extremely tough, you can clean your jewelry pieces containing zebra jasper with warm soap water. It is always recommended that you do not bathe or sleep with jewelry on. Place your jewelry in a safe spot when not in use.

Where Zebra Jasper Is Found Today

Zebra jasper is commonly mined in Africa. It has also been found around the world in various locations, such as Russia and India. Jasper is commonly found gem stone and zebra jasper is commonly found type.

In jewelry stores and crystal shops that carry this type of gem stone, it is common to find the black and white striped variety, as well as some withe red or green tones present. It is known as a unique gem stone and each piece has a different pattern. Most pieces have been tumbled, polished and shined to bring out its true beauty.

While the name zebra jasper is only commonly used by those in the jewelry industry or an avid collector, this gem stone is marketed simply as jasper. However, zebra jasper is a common trade name and professionals will know what you are talking about if you mention it.

Summing Up

This extremely popular type of jasper is strong, durable and unique. It provides a range of powers, such as healing and calming. It is even believed that it can help heal certain health ailments, such as kidney and bladder issues. No matter what you believe, there is no denying zebra jasper’s rich history in pretty much every ancient culture in the world is a testament to its powers. From being used for adorning jewels or as protection for ancient priests, zebra jasper is a gem stone that has stood the test of time.

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IMAGE SOURCE: DepositPhotos.com